Some of the most important work we do at the Marler Campbell Group is preventative dental care. This includes the care that keeps you from needing more serious dental procedures such as minor surgeries or other more serious oral interventions. Preventative dental care is extremely important because it can save you money, time, and keep you from experiencing unnecessary oral discomfort and pain.

Dental Cleanings in Escondido, CA

One of the most important preventative dental procedures that we offer is regular dental cleanings. This is a time where one of our well trained dental team members thoroughly cleans all of your teeth. They will floss, brush, and even polish your teeth. They will focus on removing plaque and tartar build up and leave your teeth looking spotless. This will help the dentist come in and evaluate your teeth accurately. Most oral health care professionals recommend cleanings every six to twelve months. Be sure to ask your dentist what would be best for you!

Mouth Guards

Do you grind your teeth in your sleep? If so, then you could be damaging your teeth without even realizing it. Grinding can wear down your teeth and cause serious damage. Getting a customized mouth guard created for you at the dentist’s office can be a great way to save your teeth from unnecessary wear and tear.

Dental X-Rays

Getting your mouth x-rayed every now and then can be a great way to keep track of everything going on with oral health. There are some problems that can’t be spotted on the surface and the dental x-ray can catch a lot of internal decay and problems that the naked eye might miss. It’s wise to make sure you and your dentist completely understand all that’s happening with your lovely smile, on the inside and the outside.

If you’d like to take charge of your oral health and be a part of more preventative action, give our office a call today to schedule a dental cleaning in Escondido, CA.