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Marler Campbell Dental Group of Escondido, CA

At Marler Campbell Dental Group, we are committed to cultivating lasting relationships and providing the best general dental care for you and your family. We’ve been serving families for over 3 decades, and are continuing to provide caring service. We provide personalized, affordable dental care for patients of all ages. We believe in short waiting times, compassionate care, and a family, friendly atmosphere each time you visit. We take the time to listen to our patients. Commitment to service and providing excellent oral health care, with your proactive involvement, will result in lasting healthy and beautiful smiles.

Children Welcome!

At Marler Campbell Dental Group, we know how important is to establish a trusting and comfortable relationship with your first dentist. Children’s dentistry is imperative to prepare a healthy foundation for adult teeth. Our professional staff encourages families to bring their children around the age of 3 to ensure preventive measure to fight against cavities. We want to provide guidance and ensure patient education for proper at home oral hygiene and the importance of seeing your dentist regularly – for life.

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